It is with appreciation, gratitude and permission that I share some of the many meaningful testimonials I have received from my clients and colleagues over recent years. To my clients, I thank you, as you are also my teachers. Your trust in sharing so openly and genuinely is a gift truly respected.

"Every once in a rare while, you meet someone you would trust with your loved ones. Tom is that rare person for me.  It has been my privilege over the past several years to get to know Tom as a colleague, co-presenter, and friend through our Relational-Cultural work at the Jean Baker Miller Institute.  Because there is no split between what he does as a profession and who he is as a person, he approaches each human encounter with exceptional skill, deep compassion, and profound respect.  In short, he walks the talk of empathy, authenticity, and mutuality. I  think of Tom as a fearless healer: his empowering presence invites his clients to encounter their suffering with courage and resilience. Tom is a gift not only to our profession, but also to a world in need of healing."

M. Maureen Walker, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist and
Director of Program Development, Jean Baker Miller Institute
Wellesley, MA

"Ten years of working closely with the late, legendary psychiatrist Jean Baker Miller taught me what it means to engage in professional practice that dignifies the lives of all people. Meeting Tom during that time, I quickly realized that he is a living example of this type of dedicated professional. Beyond his stellar skills and experience, he combines a brilliant intellect with a profound sense of compassion and humility. He has a way of working with all people, clients, colleagues, and communities that brings out their strengths and their capacity for positive change. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Tom will walk away feeling a greater sense of energy and dignity in their lives and in their relationships."

Linda Hartling, Ph.D., Director
Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies
and Co-Founder of the World Dignity University Initiative
Past Associate Director of the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute

"Tom Fronczak's approach to health and wellness stems from his own deep and personal commitment to living a conscious, compassionate and mindful life. This commitment is evident in the way he treats and cares for his clients. He is smart, intuitive, nurturing, and patient, and approaches his work according to the unique needs and interests of each individual. What I appreciate most about Tom is his understanding that true healing occurs when there is harmony between the mind, body and Spirit. It is this holistic approach that makes Tom's work so effective. I highly recommend Tom as a therapist and believe that anyone who works with him will benefit from his guidance, knowledge and support."

Seane Corn, Internationally recognized and celebrated yoga instructor and activist for social and political change
Seane's Website: Seane Corn and Off The Mat and Into The World

"Tom is a dedicated, hard-working, generous man. His compassionate and kind spirit and deep intuit makes him the perfect inspiration for his clients and all who surround him. He is detail-oriented and spends time researching information so he can maintain accuracy and integrity. I highly recommend Tom to anyone seeking a highly qualified and sensitive therapist."

Julieanna Hever, M.S., R.D., C.P.T.
The Plant-Based Dietitian www.PlantBasedDietitian.com
Author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition  
Executive Director EarthSave, Int. www.EarthSave.org
Blog: http://toyourhealthnutrition.blogspot.com
Co-Producer of To Your Health www.GoingVeg.net

"My family and I have had the pleasure and good fortune to have met Tom Fronczak about 35 years ago at Rollerworks Skating Center, where Tom was the DJ. His vibrant personality, charisma and genuine interest in others generated an enthusiastic following. The Rollerskating Center was packed with as many as 300 people, who kept returning. I noticed how Tom had teenagers and young adults asking for his advice. I told Tom my observation and asked him if he ever thought of becoming a Social Worker. When he seemed interested, I told him to talk to my husband, John, who was a Psychiatric Social Worker and Supervisor at VA Hospital. Tom eventually became my husband's intern at VA Hospital. John was very impressed with Tom's ability and counseling qualities. My husband, who once won an award as the outstanding Social Work Instructor in Erie County, considered Tom one of the three best interns and clinicians he ever had. Tom consistently reflects and lives Carkhuff and Berenson's Seven Facilitative Conditions: 'Respect, Empathy, Concreteness, Self-disclosure, Immediacy, Genuineness, and Confrontation.' Tom Fronczak is outstanding!"

Joan M. Costello, B.S., Ed.M.

"Tom is a gifted and highly sensitive therapist who empowers his clients to explore their relationships from a strength based prospectus. His positive approach to the therapeutic process is geared toward helping his clients to understand and transform their relationships so that they may experience love and acceptance in their personal lives."

Bonnie J. Collins, EdM, LCSW-R, author of Healing for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and The Power of Story

"Although I am not a client of Tom's I have been working with him in a professional capacity for almost four years. From our very first appointment he has been unwavering in his character. I was and still am impressed with his level of honesty and ability to communicate in a way that makes doing business with him a pleasure. I come across many people in my business and Tom is one of the rare few that is one hundred percent committed to his relationships with others. Tom's loyalty and integrity are two characteristics that I wish I could instill in everyone. If you have the pleasure of working with Tom, whether it is on a professional level or not, you will improve by osmosis."

Brian R. Sardelli, Financial Advisor

"I began seeing Tom at one of the lowest points in my life. My life was unraveling before my eyes and I was trapped in this dark place I just couldn't dig myself out of. Tom was highly recommended to me by another therapist who knew of his work. I swear it was divine intervention that brought me to this incredible man. He was able to connect with me and helped me dig out of this dark and scary place. Through his intense therapy, dedication, true compassion and teaching me coping strategies...he literally saved my life. I am truly blessed and grateful to have this amazing man in my life. Thank you Tom for all that you have done to help me and so many others!"

Rick T.

"Tom Fronczak is a kind, thoughtful and honest therapist who I truly value and appreciate as both a human being and a counselor. I am not sure how he does it but he makes me feel cared for and nurtured every time I see him. I am sure I am not alone in saying this. Tom is an invaluable source for me in my own search for inner peace and self acceptance. He has taught me to focus on the good and to be more self compassionate. Two things that I have struggled with my entire life and am finally having some true success with. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in embarking on a journey of self discovery, mindfulness and/or healing. Tom is the best guide a person could hope for!"


"A close friend referred me to Tom Fronczak during a difficult time in my life about 8 years ago. I am a very guarded person, but with Tom's patience and down to earth nature, he helped me to realize I could make that difficult time a source of hope and growth. I was seeing Tom for personal help when a situation from work came up. One of life and death involving a teenager. I brought this up to Tom, he always has methods, exercises or drills, he will offer to try if he thinks they will help. I opened up and trusted him and he helped me take a difficult and traumatic experience and turn it into another event in my professional life I have no problem recounting. Care, concern, and an honest desire to help those that come to him are paramount in Tom's style. I will continue to recommend him personally and professionally. I will be forever thankful for his help and compassion."


"I have been working with Tom Fronczak for almost a year now. In this time, he has encouraged me to become a healthier and happier individual. Tom provides a safe and confidential session each and every time we meet. During our sessions, Tom is caring, understanding and provides positive feedback. He is a great communicator with great insight to my needs. Tom is a true professional and I am so blessed to have him as my therapist."


"Tom, you should know that you are by far the most insightful, intelligent, kind, accountable and helpful counselor I have ever encountered. I can't thank you enough for you support."

Krista H.

"I know I still have a lot of work to do, but I want to tell you how productive my sessions with Tom over the past four weeks have been. I find that I catch my negative self talk much quicker than I have in the past. Tom has taught me that, just like the negative impact my thoughts have had on me over the years, my positive thoughts can also have a very powerful impact on my self-esteem. In addition to catching my negative self-talk, setting aside some time to meditate and offer myself my own compassion can make a huge difference."

Steven S.

"Thank you Tom. You have shown me kindness, encouragement and given me confidence. I thank you for helping me find peace and a "gentleness" if that's the right word - helping me live a happy life."


"I have known and worked with Tom for over 14 years. He is a highly skilled therapist with a demeanor that would put anyone at ease. His approach to therapy honors what has been unequivocally shown--that it is the authenticity and quality of the relationship between people that heals. He recognizes the importance the mind-body connection and embraces this philosophy in his practice as well as his own life. On a personal note, he is a wonderful, caring and giving friend."

Marie Donabella, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"As a colleague and friend of Tom's for over 14 years, I continue to be impressed with his knowledge, compassion and skill.  Tom and I have had the opportunity to work together with several clients.  I feel comfortable referring my clients to Tom, knowing that he approaches each person as a worthwhile and capable individual.  Tom is committed to doing all he can to help those he works with achieve success."

Greg Salgueiro, MS, RD, LDN

"Tom is a therapist of rare insight, sensitivity and capacity to listen which allow him to offer fresh viewpoints with life-changing personal implications. The combination of knowledge and true compassion which Tom possess allow him to offer the world a very special talent which is unmatched. Tom is a true gift to life, and there is no question that his professional abilities and energies have helped restore balance and equanimity to many individuals who are hurting from the traumas involved with living on the planet. Tom changes the lives of those who are so fortunate to encounter him in their life journey, and anyone who works with Tom will no doubt live their lives in a more insightful, fulfilled and joyful manner. Tom is basically a human diamond who will forever glitter in the heart and soul of anyone lucky enough to have met and worked with him."

Bob F.
Retired Physician

"Tom has a genuinely kind and passionate spirit.  He is warm, engaging, compassionate, and accepting.  I have been consistently impressed with Tom's willingness and motivation to try to make a difference in the world.  Knowing Tom and his commitment to justice in all its forms has been a source of inspiration."


"Tom is filled with a positive, inspiring energy. He is kind, patient, thoughtful, and intelligent. Tom views those around him with dignity and respect and it shines through in his interactions. I am thankful for Tom and his skillful, dedicated work with clients. "


"I initially reached out to Tom a couple of years ago for help coping with the sudden loss of my dog.   I felt instantly comforted by his empathetic approach and compassionate nature.  Tom helped me work through all the stages of grief and find appropriate ways to honor and remember my beloved animal companion.  In addition to providing grief counseling, he helped me deal with other personal issues I was struggling with at the time.  I was immediately impressed by Tom's genuine interest in resolving my concerns, coupled with his helpful advice and expert guidance.  Tom is very passionate about his work and it is reflected in his client's positive results. I feel very blessed for finding Tom and having the chance to work with him.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch counselor who has his or her best interests at heart."


"In my 20 years of knowing Tom, as both a colleague and a friend, I have the pleasure of saying that Tom embodies and exudes all of the qualities of a wonderful therapist that one might hope, but not actually expect, to find.  He is kind, non-judgmental, strong, empowering, holistic, and ethical.  He has a professional integrity which is an integral part of his character.  He is quick to acknowledge strengths and build upon them.  His soothing and open nature and willingness to "start where the client is" is ideal for the individual who is seeking therapy for the first time.  When you meet Tom, you know that he possesses the qualities of a therapist that will facilitate healing and growth and that he will confidently walk along side you as you journey together along your path to personal fulfillment."

Lisa Schwark, LMSW

"I met Tom at a Jean Baker Miller Training Institute Conference on Relational-Cultural Theory, where we were 2 of the 3 only men there. I was immediately impressed with how open to connection and willing to be relational he is. As a mental health professional Tom is the only type of therapist I choose to refer clients to see. He is open, honest, ethical and has the highest degree of integrity. I am also delighted with Tom expanding his path to include yoga and meditation. His awareness of mind/body/spirit is a gift to anyone who works with him."

Joe Doherty, MSW, LCSW Portland, OR

"I have known Tom for five years since we met at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. My friendship with him is one of the great honors and privileges of my life. From the first time we met, his authenticity and relational awareness impressed me. As our friendship has blossomed, I continue to be touched by Tom's honesty, ethical integrity, selflessness and thoughtful nature. His caring and concern for the well-being of all people he knows and works with stands out. Tom is such a big hearted person; his openness and warmth makes everyone feel comfortable and safe. Having recently completed my graduate training in an Integrative Psychotherapy program to become a psychotherapist, Tom embodies all the personality attributes and clinical skills that I have learned make a great therapist. He has a gift not only working with individuals but groups as well, and his relational style and integration of mindfulness are inspirations for me. I know how many lives he has touched, and I am grateful that mine is one of them."

Dennis Kiley MA

"Not only is Tom a force of nature in the Providence community, organizing healthy, safe gatherings, but he is a truly caring person. His compassion, skill for listening and offering support are heroic acts of bravery - to those willing to make a leap of faith. With a smile, he brightens a room. With confidentiality and a kind word he warms a weary heart."

Steve G.

"I have been a client of Tom Fronczak's for the past four years. Comfortable, intuitive, embracing, motivating, humorous, thought provocative, mindfulness, empowering, healing, responsive, approachable, sincere and professional are all words that come to mind when I think of my experiences working together with Tom in our therapy sessions. Anyone who has every moved out of state and had to start over looking for a new therapist knows what a daunting task it can be. Finding Tom was a real gem. He created a safe and trusting environment and made me feel at home right away. Being a certified personal trainer, my clients share very personal situations with me. Whatever area of opportunities or challenges they are facing, I feel comfortable recommending Tom Fronczak to assist them as he has always provided a confidential and healing environment for them."

Steve S.

"One of the luckiest days of my life was when I met Tom Fronczak. It was many years ago. We have worked together over these years and he has been instrumental in my well being. His love, patience and concern have helped me over rough days. He has always been there for me and when the time comes for a "minor adjustment" he is there with his knowledgeable tools to help me go forward.

His compassion and understanding cannot be beat in my estimation."

Arthur R.

"About one year ago I found myself at a very low point in my life. I was having a very difficult time dealing with a few things most notably my oldest son, age 17 had returned home from 7 months in treatment for drugs and alcohol. Things were quickly going down hill for him which deeply impacted me, my husband and his two brothers. Family members said to me, Joan you should get on some medication to deal with all the stress and I remember thinking, I would like to try to talk with someone.

After trying a few therapists, whom on my first visit TOLD me what to do, I came across Tom's web site and reached out to him via email. Tom's warmth, understanding and nonjudgmental approach, was then and continues to be a blessing in my life. Tom has helped me develop ways to feel better about myself and approach my day to day stress's with strength and hope. Thanks Tom."


"Tom is so perceptive, insightful, gentle and warm. Just the combination I needed to help me become more aware of how I was holding myself back from what I truly wanted. I feel very fortunate to have found him."

Dan D.

"As a colleague of Tom's for 10 years, I highly respect him for his amazing awareness of resources and referrals for his (and other's) clients. Tom is always available to be helpful to his colleagues and his clients. I feel very comfortable referring clients to him."

Rita Good, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, North Kingstown

"I count Tom among the most compassionate, thoughtful, and effective therapists I've known during the 20 years of my practice. He's genuine and committed to those with whom he works, and endeavors to grow as a human being while fostering the same in his clients."

Lee Faver, PhD ABPP

"Tom is hugely kind and generous. He has that rare quality of presence. When you speak with Tom you feel him listening attentively and caringly. He is gifted in his ability to make one feel relaxed and loved."

Katherine Conte

"Tom has been my therapist, on and off, for nearly 8 years now. He has guided me through some of the most difficult times of my life with his expert common-sense techniques, coupled with compassion and empathy. He is also the teacher of the Meditation Group in which I participate. With his guidance I have learned to relax, from the first session that I attended, more than I have ever been able to, in my entire life. Tom's gentle, calm, love-filled spirituality fills the room with unbelievable serenity, week after week!"


"I originally contacted Tom because Jason and I were planning on moving in together after being in a long distance relationship for over 5 years, and I was concerned about how these changes could affect our relationship. Until then, our relationship had the same rhythm of 5 days of being apart, and 2 days of constant togetherness. Our weekly meetings with Tom continue to provide overwhelming support for our relationship; they allow us to focus on just us for that one hour of the week. Tom has helped me and Jason to look at our relationship as a third entity that is involved: there is myself, Jason, and the relationship. Looking at it from that perspective, we are now able to reflect on what the relationship needs, instead of just looking at me versus him. He encourages us to be present in every moment and challenges us to appreciate and understand the other person, instead of trying to change them. Jason and I cherish Tom for his simple honesty, but also for his positive perspective and appreciation for who we are as individuals."

Jason and Katie